Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Beginning of a Journey

I decided to jot down all the embarassing memories right from childhood that I carry in my head. They pop out at irritating moments, like when I am trying to jump over the cliff and drop into Sumberland.

Or when another, even more embarassing moment takes over in real time. Or, when I am trying to concentrate on learning something that takes some mental effort. Or, when I am procrastinating.

Like now, I should be trying to groom the dog. I just can't get the hang of "stripping" his coat. I am taking lessons from the groomer and feel like a complete idiot taking so long to learn a simple task. He told me he learned from the groomer of his own dog, and the first time he stripped the coat right down all over. >sigh< There's still lots left on my dog.

Oh, the heck with it. I have to do it. Back later.